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This article is part of an investigation named “Collaborative learning by ICT´s in the context of Education 2.0” that is been carried out by the Group of Research in Educative Technology of the University of Salamanca (GITE-USAL). Specifically, it is centered in the analysis of data related to the collaborative work experiences with ICT´s that were developed by teachers. The sample of this research is composed by a total of 198 primary and secondary (up to ESO) teachers of those schools of the Castilla and Leon region (Spain) that are ICT´s certified.

To analyze the data, we have used both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and the results show that the collaborative work culture using ICT´s is not well spread yet in the methodology of those teachers subject of this research although all of them are conscious that ICT´s are a value added to guarantee that students can work in a collaborative way. At the same time, they state that the ICT´s motivate their students and make the access and exchange of material and information way easier.


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